Natchez, Mississippi

This charming river town was first inhabited by Natchez Indians and French explorers who shared the land. It was founded in 1716, making it the oldest city on the Mississippi. The city is known for their elegance, hospitality, and their impressive preservation of history – found on every street corner throughout Natchez. Guests will enjoy the unique shops, restaurants, museums, and historical homes located in Natchez, all of which contribute to Hugh Bayless’ book, “The 100 Best Towns in America.”

Included Tour Excursions

Rosalie Mansion

Built in 1823, this was a Union headquarters for Natchez during the Civil War built in 1823. This 1716 mansion was built by the French as a fort on the bluffs of Natchez. The Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution have since gained ownership and have been maintaining the house and grounds since 1938. On this guided tour, hear the history of the house and the artifacts from an expert tour guide dressed in period clothing. Guests can explore the extensive gardens, gift shop, library, or carriage house before they leave


Natchez Visitor’s Center

Learn about the river in this beautiful southern town, visit exhibits, or shop at the gift shop! Enjoy a short, 20-minute video in the Visitor’s Center Theater and hear about the history of Natchez upon arrival. Then, explore the building at your leisure. At the entrance a scaled display model of the city is showcased. Stop in the office for some general information and questions about the town and its history, including town highlights and points of interest.

William Johnson House Museum

An incredible, historic 3-story brick house constructed after the 1840 Natchez tornado. William Johnson was known as the “Barber of Natchez”; he began as a slave and gained his freedom at age eleven. After his freedom, he began to work his way up in society, eventually becoming almost fully accepted within society. As the town barber, William Johnson was able to hear the stories and gossip of many of the residents, which he documented in his diary for more than 16 years. His 3-story brick home was built in 1840 and showcases many

Magnolia Hall

This fully restored mansion was owned by a wealthy cotton broker and merchant and was built in 1858. This Greek Revival Mansion was built in 1858. The house was built before the breakout of the Civil War in town but did suffer some damage – a cannon ball was actually launched into their kitchen! It is now fully restored – the main floor offers a showcase of many antiques and furnishings and the upper floors offer a costume collection located in the Historic Clothing Museum. Tour the house and then stop in the gift shop for some souvenirs.

Stanton Hall

A magnificent, Antebellum Greek Revival Mansion built on an entire city block of Natchez. Irish Immigrant and cotton merchant Frederick Stanton built this Palatial Greek Revival mansion in 1857. It was appraised at $83,000 during that period, even before it was furnished. Take a 30-minute tour of the house – which takes up the entire block and is fully furnished. Afterwards you can stop for lunch in the Carriage House Restaurant, known for their fine southern cuisine.

Natchez Association for the Preservation of Afro-American Culture Museum

View photographs and artifacts or hear the history of African-American heritage in Natchez and Adams County. Here, learn the history and culture of the African Americans in Natchez over time. Guests can hear the stories or explore the many exhibits that portray the hardships that African Americans suffered and those that prevailed in a time period which allowed for minimal success to the entire race. Add another dimension of Natchez history by stopping at this museum.

Premium Experience Excursion

Entertaining in Southern Style with Ginger Hyland

The thought of true southern hospitality brings images of ornate mansions flanked by arched porches with charming ladies offering warm, welcoming smiles and stories of southern grandeur. Expect nothing less on this American Queen exclusive excursion at “The Towers,” one of Mississippi’s grandest and most elegant antebellum homes. Enter the lavish parlors of “The Towers” as owner Ginger Hyland offers her warm southern welcome and shares stories of their star-studded past. Just as impressive as her owner, “The Towers” was once visited by General Grant and is adorned with extravagant antique furniture, sophisticated draperies and fabric wall coverings, striking vintage window laces, and extraordinary Victorian-era collections. To understand the art of entertaining with truly “Southern” flare, one must indulge in scrumptious hors d’oeuvres prepared by one of the finest local chefs, delightful snacks are served up with southern elegance.

Premium Experience Excursion

The Story of Cotton in the Antebellum South

Take a step back into history when cotton was king and plantations dotted the southern back roads of America.  Experience a look back into the 1800s and the daily trials of life on a plantation for a slave as we tour a present-day cotton plantation.  Frogmore Plantation remains today as a living monument to this truly American textile.  Here, experience an inspirational musical performance, beautifully illustrating life on a plantation.  For a first-hand look at the last burst of southern opulence before the war brought the cotton baron’s dominance to an end, we’ll tour Longwood Mansion before returning back to Natchez.